Just yesterday….


Just yesterday, we saw the “+” sign on the drugstore test,

I felt her move inside of me,

 and I held her in my arms, so pink, so perfect.

 Just yesterday, she took her first steps, coughed through the night with RSV, and kissed the cheek of her newborn sister.

Just yesterday, she held my hand to cross the street, rocked in my arms, and let me dry her tears.

Just yesterday, she played  “dress-up”with her sister, ran to her daddy when he returned home from work, and started kindergarten.

Just yesterday, she played with her dolls, watched a butterfly until it flew away, and  brought me books to read aloud.

Just yesterday, she nervously went to her first sleep-over, cried over a lost friendship, and  competed in a swim meet.

Just yesterday, she whispered with friends, slammed a door, and noticed a boy.

Just yesterday, she packed away all her childhood dolls, passed a cow without saying, “mooooo,” and wore her first make-up.

Just yesterday, she started high-school, let go of my hand in public, and sat at the table texting rather than talking.

Just yesterday, she wanted her friend’s advice on a “date outfit”–not mine, went alone to a leadership conference, and failed a test.

Just yesterday, she worried about her future, pondered her college choices, and started a sentence, “When I am out on my own…” 

Just yesterday, she, once again, held my hand in public, rocked in my arms, and let me dry her tears.

And today, I mourned, for just a little bit, over the little girl gone and felt tears sting my eyes as I marveled at the amazing young woman she has become.

Happy birthday, to my beautiful miracle!

(Photo credit: Maren Miller at www.marenmillerphotography.blogspot.com )

7 thoughts on “Just yesterday….”

  1. I love how you’ve captured the gradual movement from baby to teen, Mary. Do you think we’re ever ‘ready’ for them to leave? (Well, some days…;) Thank you for another great, thoughtful post!


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