Something magical happened on my way to Christmas. (Wednesday’s Wisdom)

Life has been a bit chaotic these past couple of weeks. Hasn’t it been for everyone? The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, baking, parties, visitors and/or trips out-of-town can sour even little Cindy Lou Who’s kind heart when not kept “in check.” But, does stress have to be a holiday tradition as well?

Since Thanksgiving weekend, my older daughter has been sick. Her younger sister succumbed to the same gunk this past Monday. Though neither are small children anymore, a sick child still slows the pace around here. As one slowly starts to heal, the other has spent the last 3 days curled up in the recliner, buried under blankets, watching an endless stream of crime shows via Netflix. This wasn’t how I had planned to spend the start of our Christmas vacation. I had planned to “hit the ground running” on Monday. There was still much to be done in preparation for our Christmas celebration. I had looked forward to making sweet treats with my girls and anticipated their help with family cards. I wanted to crank up the Christmas music, attend a friend’s dance performance and play board games this week. I had planned on having the gifts all wrapped and piled under the tree before today, but they sit on the floor by my feet, still stashed in the plain brown boxes shipped by Amazon. This has not been the week I had planned.

And yet, something magical has happened this week. Between the doses of NyQuil and DayQuil, the barking coughs, and piles of discarded tissue, I let go of the pressure and the stress that was building in my schedule. And, in my mind. No, we wouldn’t make it to their friend’s dance performance or bake sweets for neighbors and friends. No, the house won’t be spotless before Santa climbs down the chimney and the cards may or may not make it out this year. (So far, it’s looking like they won’t.) And though not very festive, crime shows have replaced the holiday music I longed to hear as I moved through my cleaning chores. It was the illness of a child (or in this case, children) that forced me to slow down and just be; be with my children, be with my husband, be with myself and rediscover the joy of Christmas. And, for this, I am grateful.

Have you slowed down enough to rediscover the joy in your holiday season?

To help get you started, I share a photo of one of our regular visitors. Give yourself the gift of slowing down for just a moment, and wrap yourself in the joy of season.

17 thoughts on “Something magical happened on my way to Christmas. (Wednesday’s Wisdom)”

  1. I’m so sorry your kids are sick. Interestingly, it’s when we lose control of our plans, that we get to see the benefits of a different path. It is so freeing when we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves, and get to enjoy this time of year.

    I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas (and fast healing for the kiddos!)!


    1. “It is so freeing when we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves, and get to enjoy this time of year.”

      Amen to that, Christine! The kiddos healed slowly over the week between Christmas and New Year’s which made for a beautifully restful time together with them and my sister.

      I hope your Christmas was magical and that your 2012 is abundant!


  2. Because of my empty nest and less to do earlier in the month, I thought I would avoid stress. Not so this last week. I think I have to have stress or I don’t know how to function. Hope all are getting better and Merry Christmas.


    1. I can relate to “stress” as a motivator, but that is something I am working on changing. I hope your holidays turned out beautifully. And, yes, everyone mended by New Year’s Eve. 🙂 Happy 2012!


  3. Aw! I wish we’d have a regular bunny visitor! We just lost our neighbor bunny (to a move, nothing tragic) and it still breaks my heart to have Li’l D stop and ask, “Where bunny?” He moves on quickly, of course–plenty of dogs and cats to see!

    Last weekend, my body gave me a clear message it needed more rest, so I have been taking more time to stop and savor. I enjoy our evening candle-lighting because for a few moments, we’re all together and “time” doesn’t even register.

    Merry Christmas! ♥


  4. Sorry to hear the not-so minis are under the weather but lovely that you get to truly spend some time with them and take the pressure off of you! It may even end up being one of your more memorable Christmas leadups to treasure as you look back in the years to come. I hope they feel better soon and that everything goes according to “plan” from here on out, but even then I will be quietly with you in spirit relishing some moments that we might miss if we are on track and going a million miles an hour! Merry Christmas:)


  5. It is so good to refocus occasionally. So sorry that it comes with ill kiddos, but that is usually what brings on the refocusing for me too. We woke up to 8 inches of snow this morning and as of noon it is snowing again! It’s a WHITE CHRISTMAS for sure : ) Enjoy the beauty.


    1. Thanks, Maineiac! Both kiddos are still snug in their beds and I am grateful for the much slower pace brought about by their illnesses. (Though I would like them to be nice and healthy for their big holiday surprise.)

      Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  6. I could have written that post as exactly the same has happened here plus I have bern in bed ill for the past few days too. Christmas will still happen. We will still enjoy it. Now where did I put the sticky tape?


    1. 😦 I am so sorry you have been sick along side your family, Kate. My Christmas wish for you is good healing, because yes, Christmas will still happen. It’s just a bit more enjoyable when we feel healthy.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ll send my sticky tape right over…:)


  7. Lovely, lovely…..Christmas comes in many wrappings… your attitude….Here’s a suggestion: put a bow on each amazon box and put them under the tree! and i love the bunny in the photo


    1. Thanks, Kate!
      The boxes may end up with just a bow, but with the added “imposed delay” of a foot of snow delivered overnight, I think today is the day meant for wrapping. (No bunnies are out and about today. 🙂 )


  8. As you know my Christmas is far from what I had ever imagined… but maybe we can have a delayed celebration later 🙂 To me it doesn’t mean a few of these can’t still be done later and not determined by a “set” date 🙂


    1. Though your Christmas hasn’t been the one you “imagined”, Anita, I am trusting there is a miracle in the works for you. And, yes, we will celebrate big and loud when the the gift of answers has been delivered. ♥♥


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