And she calls herself lucky…

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote about the bloggers that have welcomed me into their community with open arms. One in particular, The Lucky Mom, has inspired me as a mom, a woman, a wife, and a writer.

Through her blog, she encourages and inspires me and others, and when she asked me to write a “guest post” about a meaningful quotation a few weeks back, I was both humbled and honored. Quotes are one of the tools I use to lift me up and to keep me lifted when the waters are calm and when they get rough. They prompt me to think, as well as to see myself and the world through new eyes. When asked about a favorite quotation, it wasn’t difficult for me to pinpoint the one I’ve relied on for years to help light my path and brighten the corners of my soul.

Please visit me at The Lucky Mom’s blog to read about how I withdrew my consent and regained my power. And, once you are done exploring her blog, pop on over to her Facebook page . You’ll find more to like there.

Lisha may call herself The Lucky Mom, but being asked to share my ramblings on her blog certainly made me feel like the lucky one.

6 thoughts on “And she calls herself lucky…”

  1. So glad to have found your site! I found it through Lisha’s, and Lisha’s through Renee’s; I just love a good chain reaction! Look forward to receiving more of your posts.

    I, too, am transitioning into the empty-nester… it’s different to say the least. Also, I love to collect thought-provoking quotes… they’re inspiring to say the least. Love your words!


    1. Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your comments. The more the merrier. I, too, love a good chain reaction–and Renee and Lisha’s blogs! I’m looking forward to coming by your blog just as soon as I’m done here. A fellow transitioning mom–yay!


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