Sometimes….(Wednesday’s Wisdom)

Sometimes, I’m not proud of the way I behave. Sometimes–like one or two or three days last week.

Sometimes, the smallest requests made by a child, spouse, sibling, friend, etc. feel like ridiculously large demands.

Sometimes, the “fun to-do’s” are the mole hills that morph into mountains (in my over-stretched mind.)

Sometimes, the pile of laundry, dirty dish left in the sink, or simply the sound of the ringing phone can cause me to snap unexpectedly and sometimes, un-apologetically.

Sometimes, I wake up and calculate the hours I need to get through before I can crawl back to bed.

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I can’t find a rhythm in my day, and life’s demands feel overwhelming.

Sometimes, I forget I always have a choice. Always.

Sometimes, I forget to forgive myself for being human.

And, sometimes, all I really need is to unplug from my to-do’s long enough to reset my priorities.

It happens to all of us. Contrary to public, or sometimes private, beliefs, there is no “Super Woman/Man”, and we all need to unplug from the routine now and then. By the end of last week, I felt myself slipping under my mountain of “to-do’s.” The harder I tried to swim, the deeper I sank; I know the pattern well. This time however, rather than continuing my frantic paddling, I took a time-out. I reclaimed some time for me. It wasn’t a day or even an afternoon. It was a short, re-energizing 30 minutes during which I struggled (really struggled) to keep my mind quiet and meditate. Which made me very aware of how long it had been since I last meditated. Though easy to forget, we can all find 30 minutes to give to ourselves. In only 30 minutes–or less!– we can meditate, go for a walk, read, journal, or workout. In only 30 minutes, we can recharge our batteries and keep our heads above water.  Think of it as preventive medicine. It’s only when we take good care of  that we can take good care of the ones we love.

And, trust me, whether you unplug for only 30 minutes to meditate or for an entire weekend away, your family, your job, your “to-do’s” will be there, waiting for you when you get back.

Today, I invite you to find a comfortable spot, to quiet your mind, and to be still. Unplug for just a bit and sit on a bench at the banks of the river, just below an old homestead high in the Rocky Mountains. Though there is snow on the ground, the sun is high and the day is warm. Breathe in deeply the fresh air and listen to the sounds of the rushing water. Give yourself and the ones you love a dose of preventive medicine.

Sometimes, we all need to unplug from life for just a bit to reset our perspective.

Won’t you join me?

15 thoughts on “Sometimes….(Wednesday’s Wisdom)”

  1. Yes, I’ve needed to do this, as well. Last night I almost didn’t attend the Ash Wednesday service at church because I was too into my own head and everything going on this week, and the laundry, and if Maycee would want to go or not. Then, the little angel on my shoulder said, YOU need this…and low and behold, Maycee loved it, and I felt rejuventated after being able to just sit, listen, pray, and let it all go. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I love that you gave that to yourself. I had planned on attending our service, but was kept home with a headache. However, just that act of taking care of myself left me feeling rejuvenated. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for the great reminder, Mary. I think most of us know that we need to take a break, but we forget, or feel that there’s no time for rest… it helps to see it in print, now and again. Thank you for this!

    My dog certainly has this figured out; I’m going to follow his lead for a change ~ nap-time!!


    1. My beagle is often my best teacher. He never bores with life. Mealtime is always exciting. Every time he goes outside, he’s like a kids released from summer vacation. He never holds a grudge. He greets every morning with enthusiasm,but when he naps, he’d out cold.

      You’re on to something there, Carol. Thanks for reminding me to watch my little Sammy boy to learn about what matters in life.


      1. I find myself thinking similarly when observing my dog. Good teachers, aren’t they?

        Thank you for the reminders…I love unplugging and should do it more often. Especially from my laptop. ; ) ~~Bliss


  3. Great post. And Renee said it really well above–sometimes our bodies make us when we don’t so choose to rest. That was me the last couple of days. I didn’t rest for a mere 30 minutes–more like 36 hours. BTW, I am glad you are forgiving yourself for not being superhuman, because you are a wonderful human.


  4. I wanted this before, in a wordless way, but now I want it in a really visceral way. Perhaps I’ll turn off the computer before I’m two minutes from sleep tonight, and spend a little of that time just reflecting–no lists to check off . . .


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