Prepare to be bombed.

IMG_20131005_152730_674We’ve all heard of “photobombing”; you set up the perfect shot and someone unexpectedly appears in the picture, seemingly out of nowhere, like a bomb. When stars or squirrels are involved, the photos often go viral. Or when it’s my husband “photobombing” our daughter and her friends during Parents’ Weekend, it merely provides laughter within the walls of a home. (He’s the bunny with the beard.)

Today marks the launch of the well-known (among writers) challenge, NaNoWriMo. It also marks the launch of the lesser-but- still-well-known (among bloggers and writers) challenge, NaBloPoMo. In both challenges, writers are brought to the mat to ferret out their perseverance by writing a novel in a month or, as a blogger, a post everyday during the month of November.

It is not for the faint of heart.  I know. I took the bait, I mean challenge, two years ago. There may be tears involved. There will be sweat. Some days, there will be regret. And, there may even be some cursing directed at the blogger that threw the gauntlet down in your path. (You know who you are, Lois at Midlife at the Oasis. Seriously, you’ll want to know who she is, too. Follow the link; she’s fabulous and be sure to check out her about me page!) Above all though, there will be a sense of accomplishment, perhaps a nice glass of red, and a friend or two to toast with at the finish line.

Count me in again this year. Why not? It gives me a reason to push myself once again. Not every day will be a long narrative. There will be days I post only a picture, with or without a quote. Or a quote, with or without a picture. Some days, I may simply post a list about __________(something). There will likely be posts related to the milestone birthday I’ll celebrate this month and my admission into the 5-0 club.  The only thing I am sure of is this: there will be 30 of them. 30 days. 30 posts. (Gulp.)

So, if you are a subscriber/follower, you’ve been warned; “blog-bombing” begins today. I will be showing up in your inbox every day for the next 30 days.  And, if you’re not yet a subscriber, please join me in the journey. (See the easy “Follow” button on the right?) Don’t you want to find out if I make it to the finish line?

Cheers to new months, new challenges, and new beginnings! What are you celebrating today, this week, or this month?

29 thoughts on “Prepare to be bombed.”

  1. Driving home, I think that when school begins next month, I must remember how emotionally charged walking into my classroom will be for my students. They are in my class because they have historically struggled to become accomplished readers and writers. Like my son, they have wonderful strengths in other areas, but language development is an area in which they need support. So, although the beginning of school is something that I look forward to (after all, I’m an English nerd), for them I imagine they rode the bus to school surrounded by a thick fog of dread knowing that unless they encounter a caring and understanding teacher, they are likely to embarrass themselves in front of 25 other kids.


  2. OMG I love the idea of blog bombing and am going to have to share that — and credit you, of course, making up for my role in getting you into this mess in the first place. So excited about going on this month-long journey with you. You are awesome! xo


  3. Yay! That’s all I have to say about getting posts from you every day this month. Well, that’s not really ALL I have to say, but Yay, nonetheless! That’s awesome! And, the only thing I’m celebrating is surviving this week….it hasn’t been easy….but I may just write a post about it so I can showcase how truly crazy I am. Good luck on the blogging challenge, TM! XOXO-SWM


    1. Oh, thanks so much, SWM! One of the things I’ve missed the most about is connecting with my “bloggy friends”, like you! So, start tapping those keys and share with me your week and every other detail of your world with your sweet baby girl. XOXO


  4. Sophia starts her National Novel Writing Month ( novel today too. This will be her 3rd year participating. For those of you who have students participating, don’t forget that is participating this year.
    Calling All NaNoWriMo Enthusiasts!
    Every year in the month of November, hundreds of thousands of writers take the NaNoWriMo challenge – to finish a 50,000-word novel in 30 days.
    An epic feat indeed.
    And this year Lulu and NaNoWriMo are teaming up to help more authors than ever before realize their vision.
    Here’s how you can start your adventure now:
    Sign up for the challenge
    This first step on your great journey begins by committing. Sign up for the event here:
    Love your blog Mary and I am happy you are taking on the challenge because you will be in my ‘in box’ every day! Yay!
    Blessings and much success!
    Sherri 🙂


  5. I so admire you for this 30 posts in 30 days challenge. I am pushing myself to manage to get 5 posts up per week and this is difficult for me.


    1. There’s no denying 30 in 30 will be tough, but I’m using the challenge to kick me in the tail to return to my regular writing. Hat’s off to you for shooting for 5 in 7 and good luck! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


      1. *sigh* I wanted to, but there’s just no way. I’m struggling with the juggle of the job, the house, the homework, and some unexpected medical stuff. I’ve learned being realistic about what I can (and can’t) get done is a huge part of my formula for sanity. But I’m your #1 fan, so I’ll be cheering for you!


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