Some Sunday Solitude


It’s Sunday morning, take a deep breath, and follow me to a quiet spot. Just out the back door and down the path. This way…



Let the sounds of a babbling creek wash away the tension and the breeze in the trees call your name, beckoning you to…

stroll the tree-lined passage.


IMG_3097 Past the squirrel and…


the moose and…

…the fairy slipper orchid.



Past the butterfly resting its wings…

…and through the thick forest where the deer hides in plain sight…


before timidly allowing a quick view.


Just a little bit

further down the path and there it is–

blissful solitude, found on the banks of the water. Happy Sunday, everyone!


20 thoughts on “Some Sunday Solitude”

  1. Gorgeous. I agree with Lois, I felt as if I were walking along with you too. SO beautiful. It is amazing how easy it is to unplug in an area like that.


    1. Thank you, Sharon. Though we only rented this place for a week, we are but a short drive away from this beauty and very grateful to have it so close (except when the occasional moose or bear come into the neighborhood.)


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Stacie. We rented this cabin not too far from home for a week this past summer. For the first 5 days, we didn’t see another soul, and all of us (teens included) stayed completely “unplugged” the entire week. It was absolute paradise!


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