A Sunday Stroll

I’ve had a nasty migraine since yesterday afternoon, which has been very limiting. I don’t get them as frequently as I once did, but I still don’t like being slowed down. It frustrates me to see the long “to do” list and be incapable of tackling it. Admittedly, I’ve been a “slow learner” in this area of my life. I tend to be the woman, wife, and mother who “plows through” ignoring the demands of her body. (Oh, the lessons I’ve learned–fodder for another post.) However, the body can be pretty insistent. It is this morning. My head still throbs, leaving my stomach queasy and the quiet tapping on this keyboard sound like a jack hammer. Therefore, rather than stressing about the list of chores I needed and wanted to get done, I’ve decided to take a walk along one of my favorite beach stretches: La Jolla Cove in San Diego.

Join me? And, as you do ponder these words today:

Nature is my medicine. ~Sara Moss-Wolfe

Imagine the only steps left in the sand today are yours.
Imagine the only steps left in the sand today are yours. And remember, ask for help when you need it. There is always a lifeguard available.



This little one knows how to relax.
This little one knows how to relax.
Take a moment or two to be still today and just notice the world around you.
Take a moment or two to be still today and notice the world around you.
Let the wind dance through your hair and the waves spray you with kisses.

One last thing before you go, to all who have left comments in the last couple of days, I thank you! Please know I will be back soon (hopefully, later today) to reply in addition to making the rounds and visiting your sites. I thank you all for taking a Sunday stroll with me today.

12 thoughts on “A Sunday Stroll”

  1. Hi Mary! What a timely word. My back went out this morning…out of the blue. I had great dreams for working in the yard, catching up on some house projects, and so on. Now I am forced to sit and be still. So difficult for me. Thanks for encouraging me to make the best of it…and even make it a fruitful, restful time. Looking forward to talking soon!


  2. I had a terrible migraine some weeks back. I’ve had a couple before, but they’re so infrequent that I tend to forget that an aching head isn’t always going to be their telltale sign. This time, it was several terrifying hours before my eyes and head started throbbing and I went, oh, right, a migraine! I had to bail on work the next day because neither driving nor standing up were possible in the morning. Anthony also was adamant that I was not going to work. I did end up calling my manager, who instantly said I didn’t sound so great and work could always, always wait; I should keep my butt in bed. The thought made me so grumpy. I had things to do! But a few hours in, I found myself glad for the forced downtime. I didn’t like the migraine part, but I liked the downtime more by the minute. All of which is to say I’m coming to think there’s a place for days where the to-do list has to be shoved aside.

    I don’t know what it is about the pictures, exactly, but I could feel myself relaxing more with each one I looked at. Thank you for that.


    1. I’m glad you listened to the advice you were given and stayed home. Work really can always wait, even when we forget it.

      One of these days, I would love to take a stroll with you in person, but I’m glad we strolled together today. 🙂


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