More Saturday Sharrrring

I wish this was all that was on my task list. What's on your task list?
I wish this was all that was on my task list.

Last Saturday, I introduced a new feature here, Saturday Sharrrring, where I share links to some can’t miss blogs I’ve either read for a while or recently discovered through NaBloPoMo.  Today, I’ve got another fine array of samples for you to enjoy.

But, before I go any further, I really need to give a shout-out to the folks behind BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo 2013 at Yeah Write. You gals and guys have managed to pull me back into the vortex of endless blog reading, contemplating, commenting, and laughing. I don’t even include the hours I’ve spent writing, lost in my own thoughts, while I toy with ideas and metaphors. Oh, the joy of it all! Thank you!

However, there is a dark side here that must be openly discussed.

Team at Yeah Write, I blame you for the days (all 16) my kitchen has been left in some state of disarray at the end of the day as laundry piles up in overflowing hampers. I should have known to step away from a kitchen remodel during the month of November. Apparently, I cannot be creative simultaneously in multiple areas in my life; it’s plain unrealistic. My husband asks about paint color and all I can think is, “Oh, this (process) is going on the blog.”  It’s barely a process yet because I spend all my time reading and writing. What a cursed life this is! The convenient links to so many terrific blogs on your main page should come with a warning like those “No fuel or food for 50 miles” signs on desolate stretches of highway.  Yours should read,  “No clean laundry or fresh food for the next 4 weeks” or  “Warning, long periods may elapse between showers.” I’m sure my family isn’t the only one that  would have appreciated  a full disclosure warning when I said, “I signed up to do NaBloPoMo.” Just sayin’.

Now, back to more of those terrific blogs that will leave you ignoring laundry on this Saturday…

Though there isn’t a post I don’t genuinely enjoy reading by the following bloggers, I’ve linked to specific posts they put up in the last week that really resonated with me. Some are funny, some insightful, and some are just beautiful. Ignore the laundry, grab another cup of coffee, and lose yourself in the vortex with me for just a bit.

Much Needed Advice: Not only does Sabrina, a personal and executive coach, offer “Much Needed Advice” on her blog, she always seems to know just what I need to hear. In this particular post, she writes about vision boards, and Sheryl Sandberg, and fear. More importantly, though, she writes about moving forward. Pop over, and prepare yourself to lean in.

Beyond the Backyard Blues: Elin’s talent as a writer both inspires and amazes me. She has  eloquence that is…beyond this writer’s ability to put into words. Whether she is sharing recollections about her dad or sadness over a reminder about the fragility in life, Elin is able to leave you wanting more; more of her voice, her words, her grace. In this post, she invites her reader to stand next to her at the window and see the world through her eyes. It’s a view you won’t want to miss.

Miss Edee: Just writing her name makes me smile!  Edee writes about life and all sorts of stuff that falls out of her head, and I am thrilled she does. Some days, she shares the adventures of her stinkin’ cute fur babies. Other days, as in the post I’ve linked here, she shares more practical advice about cheese slices and hot flashes. Yes, there is a correlation, but you have to click over to find out what it is. She is a font of wisdom, that Miss Edee!

Ambling & Rambling: Oh, the number of ways I relate to this mom! She talks about life honestly, be it the tales of mothering a teen, the trials of food service and obnoxious customers, or as she does in the post, the dilemmas of purging plastic ware. And, because I like to help people, I publically offer to aid her purging pains by taking the piece of furniture she has pictured in this post. (I’m generous like that.)

Empty House Full Mind: One of best “Midlife” blogs I’ve found to date! I believe in finding good mentors; those that have been there, stumbled, dusted off, restarted, and share that wisdom freely. Sharon writes about all things related to being a woman in midlife, the empty nest, marriage, and more. In this post, she responds to the popular (viral) post “Marriage Isn’t For You” by Seth Adam Smith. As a woman fast approaching her 3rd decade with the same man, I loved this post and whole heartedly agree!

What are you reading today? Please share in the comments.

19 thoughts on “More Saturday Sharrrring”

  1. Love this list! I’ve been trying to read as much of the Yeah Write grid as I can but it is soooo hard. I know Miss Edee but will have to check out the others. I use to do a Friday Fragments where I would share my favorite reads of the week but then I was barely reading any blogs and it fell by the wayside.


    1. I totally understand about the challenge in keeping up, Robbie! It’s wonderful to be writing regularly again, and it’s a challenge to keep up with the fabulous blogs I’ve discovered. I’m already thinking about a better/more manageable posting/reading level after November.


  2. Thank you so much for including me on your list – I’m so glad to be able to get to know you through your very readable and enjoyable blog, and through The Women of Midlife group. And your generosity to other bloggers is such a wonderful thing!


  3. I totally agree with this post. I have been a woman obsesses with this whole reading, commenting, sharing, etc thing this month. A lot has gone by the wayside. A lot. My husband says he needs to spreadsheet to keep up with all the people I am talking about now…….which means my blogger buddies!!! Yikes!!! But it has been great and I am loving it and loving reading the ones you are recommending on Saturday!! Thanks!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Beth Ann. My husband and daughter have become very familiar with “Free Choice” as the number 1 menu option since about Day 3 of NaBloPoMo. I think they’ll welcome December’s return to routine.


  4. I love all of these blogs — and yours! — and have also let lots of chores and errands fall by the wayside as I try to keep up with them and my own writing. It’s been a whirlwind month so far, and I know the new friendships will continue long after it’s over.


  5. Mary–I am so deeply touched, thank you. Your blog is one I now find myself anticipating as the morning unfolds, computer on my lap, coffee clutched, glasses on…the thought “Oh, I really want to meet you in person Mary!” circling me.
    NaBloPoMo (which still sounds like: nabloshmopoMoFosoooo…) has been both gift and curse, you are for sure one of the gifts. xo


  6. I agree that NaBloPoMo should come with some type of sticker — warning people that you just cannot dawdle in the supermarket, whip up anything more involved than a peanut butter sandwich for your family, or, Heaven forbid! waste precious moments — ones that could be better spent reading or writing — doing laundry or mopping the kitchen floor in November. Nope. Participants in this challenge are busy, busy, busy.

    Aside from the “share” that you sent my way, I love what you had to say about all of the blogs that you’ve discovered or rediscovered. Thanks for reminding me that one of the reasons I became a blogger was, aside from the writing, the sense of community that exists here in the blogosphere.

    I’m glad that I found you, too, by the way! Thanks yeah write!


    1. I am stocking up on PB next year! Costco should put in on “coupon special” with a shout out to all that are bold enough to participate in NaBloPoMo or NaNoWriMo.

      I am grateful I found you through this process and so many more. It’s like the prize at the bottom of Cracker Jack; I already enjoy the yummy goodness of writing, but wait, there’s more!


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