Then, he got serious.

Now, ya see ’em…

As I mentioned the other day, we’ve started a remodel on our kitchen. Almost every year, since we bought this house, we’ve chosen a project to tackle with a self-imposed Thanksgiving deadline. I don’t know how this “tradition” started, but my husband embraces it more than turkey and mashed potatoes. Our first project was the addition off the kitchen; a beautiful, bright sunroom that has been my school room for the last 12 years. Another year, we added architectural archways to the living and dining rooms. Another, a guest cottage behind the house. (OK, that was a 2 year project, but done in time for Thanksgiving.) Mixed in, there have been the smaller “add shelves to that room” or “coat of paint in this room”  type projects.

That’s what I thought we were going to do this year–fresh paint in the kitchen and non-functional breakfast nook area. I say “non-functional” because we don’t (and haven’t) used the space as a breakfast nook since…? With a large table in the sun/school-room off one side of  the kitchen and the dining room off the other, the breakfast nook space has been used in many different ways over the years including: a pseudo mudroom, computer area, craft area, and storage area for all the kitchen “stuff” that didn’t fit in my actual kitchen. But, I don’t think there’s been any  actual dining in that space since my girls were 4 and 7.

Last week, as we were discussing paint colors, and with the baker’s rack, corner cabinet, and computer desk out of the nook area, I mentioned that I wished we could take the cabinets that divide the space into two and swing them around against the wall in the nook. In essence, double the size of my kitchen. My husband looked at me, raised his eyebrows, and asked, “Why couldn’t we?”

And, so began this year’s Thanksgiving project.

Since the previous owners did a remodel just before we bought the house 13 years ago, the cabinets are in good shape, and because a total remodel is not in the budget right now, we are reusing our existing cabinets, countertop, and appliances. I guess we’re doing more of a redesign than a full remodel. Wouldn’t know from looking around my house this morning. For about a week, the inconvenience of our latest project was limited to a bit of clutter in my schoolroom. Last night, things got serious. Cabinets were emptied into my dining room. Dishes were boxed and dry foods stacked. Countertops were cut, cabinets broken free from where they stood and suddenly, my kitchen doubled in size.

Clutter to the left of me, stacks to the right; here I am, stuck in the middle of chaos while trying to complete NaBloPoMo.

That’s life with a handy man. A blessing and a curse, but not a single complaint from me.

Today, I’ll start tackling our original plan-painting. There is still electrical to be moved, wainscoting to be put up, and cabinets, countertops, and appliances to be safely installed in their new locations.

Now, imagine my surprise last night when my husband told me it should all be done by Thanksgiving. I’m bursting with gratitude!

What are you grateful for today?

5 thoughts on “Then, he got serious.”

  1. Today, I am grateful for all the wonderful posts that you have created for your readers. I feel blessed to have connected with you, if even from afar. Your words always cause me to pause and reflect on life; by looking back, I can see how much that I have learned along the way. Thanks for sharing your gift with words, Mary!


  2. I am grateful that it is YOUR kitchen and not mine! 🙂 I do not do well in disarray. But it will be wonderful when you have it all done by Thanksgiving! Impressive.


  3. I have a handyman, too. But he seems to expend all his handy-energy at our rental properties. If we don’t get on the deferred maintenance at our own house, we’re going to get a code violation notice in the spring. *sigh*


  4. A few years ago I decided that it would be a great idea to have ceramic tiles installed in our kitchen, only a few days before the large Thanksgiving dinner I was hosting. The floor was finished the night before the big day and I remember staying up past midnight repainting the trim. Stressful, but successful! Good luck getting it all done!


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