Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Image courtesy of Microsoft Office
Image courtesy of Microsoft Office

If you’re on Facebook, you may have noticed a little game going around where your friends disclose their favorite color of underwear a list of random facts about themselves in a post. If you “Like” the friend’s post (meaning, you like getting to know the person better or merely want to acknowledge you saw their soul-bearing post), your friend will send you a number and you, in turn, are to post that many random facts about yourself.

Up until last week, I avoided “liking” any of these posts. Not because I’m anti-social. Not because I’m a party pooper. It’s because I’m already an open book, leaving very few random facts to be shared. And, really, sometimes knowing too much about a person can tarnish their luster. Right?

Then one day, while  wasting time in the black hole of FB  catching up with friends, I unintentionally liked the “random facts” posts of two friends, because they were fun. I mean, I know I have some cool friends, but would you have guessed that Lisha, over at The Lucky Mom, has shot an alligator?! And that, like me,  another friend would rather sit at the kid’s table during holiday meals. (OK, there are probably several of us that would admit to that.) So, I liked their posts and, in turn, I was given (ironically, by both) the number 10.

I suppose I could thank them, because I had thought about doing a “random facts” (read: filler) type of post during this NaBloPoMo month, and now I can double-dip. What a random concept! So, without further delay, and in no particular order, here are 10 things you may or may not know about me:

1. My favorite color is red. My day planner, phone case, laptop cover, and Kindle cover are all red. I have red accents throughout my house, and in high school, my boyfriend called me “Red.” But, I’ve never owned a red car.

2. I have a secret fetish for organizational stuff and, out of fear of bankruptcy, stay away from The Container Store.

3. I started riding horses in grade school and the only time I was ever thrown happened when I was giving a lesson. To my boss’s son. While my boss watched. I never gave him a second lesson.

4. I used to smoke. A lot. Up to 2 packs a day. I started when I was in high school. It’s a filthy habit! And expensive. I quit 7 years before I ever got pregnant for the children I knew I wanted to have “someday.” Today,  I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes.

5.  My father died from lung cancer. Smoking is one of the very few (perhaps only) regrets  in my life.

6. I love, love, love antique stores, flea markets, and thrift stores. They are teeming with buried treasure, and I love a good hunt.

7. I probably own as many books that I haven’t read as have read. I’m working my way through them, but given my love of thrift stores and book sales, I doubt I will ever read every book I own.

8. I was a school library aide when I was in the 5th and 6th grade and there, I developed a bizarre obsession with card catalogs. I curse online search engines for their obsolescence. Someday, I will own a card catalog and catalog all the books in our family library; if for no other reason, to look up all the books I haven’t read.

9. My favorite beach weather is grey and misty. I will gladly walk for hours along the shore, hair frizzing and hands frozen, when the sun is hidden behind a thick blanket of grey clouds. My husband calls it “Mary weather.”

10. Speaking of my husband, I think we were predestined. I said “no” the first time he asked me out. A year later, I invited him to dinner.  4 years later, on our anniversary, he proposed and I changed the subject, not realizing what he had asked. Needless to say, I changed the subject back when my brain caught up with my ears. Two years into our marriage we realized our paths had crossed several years before we officially met. (There’s actually so much more to this story…enough for its very own post. Someday, the rest will be revealed.)

Well, there’s my 10. Now it’s your turn. Share (at least) 1 random fact about yourself in the comments. I promise you abundance beyond your imagination. In fun, that is.

8 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know”

  1. I used to write notes for a friend when we were in the same home room in grade 9. He said my handwriting was exactly like his mother’s so whenever he skipped a day he would get me to write him a note: “Please excuse Jimmy from being absent yesterday …… Sincerely, Mrs. E. Hawke”.


  2. I once wore my birthday suit on a cliff overlooking a heavily fished area of Johnstone Strait. Just because. Why not? I didn’t figure I would get a like chance again. 🙂

    I love the thought of a home library card catalogue!


  3. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story #10. Hm…maybe we could have a NaBloPoMo blog hop that lends itself to this topic (?) You see me weaseling my way toward anything that looks or smells like content?

    Random Fact: The first time I was thrown from a horse was my first near death experience.


  4. I swam a mile in a pool at Boy Scout camp when I was a kid – thirty-six years later my own son inspired me to swim it again – I beat him by three minutes, the next year he beat me by five!


  5. I never shot one, but I’ve eaten alligator. Hate to say, it was actually pretty tasty. But I feel like that’s not quite random, since you mentioned alligator already. Hmmm…

    Random fact: I took opera voice lessons from age 13 to 16!


  6. Great random facts! I avoided answering the questions on facebook, even though I was given an 8. Like you, I feel like I’m pretty open and there aren’t many random facts to reveal on FB. Here is a different place tho!

    So, my random fact is that I’m left handed and can only wink with my left eye. I’m not sure if that’s common or not, but I do think it’s funny that the right side of my brain has so much more control.

    This was a much funner approach than the facebook way, it was a good idea for a post!


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