The promise of a new day

The view out my window. Today.
The view out my window. Today.

When I awoke this morning,  my thoughts immediately began racing. Yesterday’s “to do” list, the list with only one task checked off, merged with today’s list of tasks, doubling its size. I had spent the majority of yesterday sleeping, and today I awoke behind. Behind on yesterday’s list. Behind on today’s list. Which, of course, will leave me behind on tomorrow’s list. Before the clock struck 5 AM, my stomach began knotting.

And then, I thought about the workshop I (sadly) missed yesterday, “Your Words Frame Your World”, and I asked myself to evaluate how I was framing my day. I had started my day with the word, “Behind.” I started TODAY living in yesterday and tomorrow, not in the present. And, that was the wake-up call I needed today.

Honestly, there was nothing so pressing on yesterday’s list that it was earth shattering. It was a list of chores and activities I wanted to get done, but didn’t have to get done; my panic was self-imposed.

The beauty about anything self-imposed is that it’s a choice, and choices can be changed. I chose to restart today. Without a list. I chose to start in prayer and meditation and gratitude that whatever bug hit yesterday made a speedy departure. Sitting in the pre-sunrise darkness this morning,  I chose a new word to frame my day.  Savor. I choose to live in this moment. And, I choose to see today for what it is, a gift to be savored, in whatever way it unfolds.  Because, tomorrow will be too late to enjoy today.

What will you choose today?

12 thoughts on “The promise of a new day”

    1. It is snow. Last Thursday’s dusting has stuck around with the cold temps of the last few days, leaving me thankful for a warm house. 🙂 And, I’d twice recently heard people picking a word for the year, which inspired me to pick a word of the day. Thanks for stopping by.


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