Gratitude in song

I thought about posting a “gratitude list” today. It would be a long list because I’m very blessed. I’ve been thinking about my blessings more than usual in the last few days. Seems fitting for the days leading up to Thanksgiving, though I try to keep “an attitude of gratitude” all year round. But today, I decided to narrow my focus to see the blessings in a day, this day. Here is a small sampling of the gifts in my day:

Today, a friend dropped off a homemade pie. It was a surprise. I was blessed by her smile and “amazeballs” (as she would say) baking skills.

Today, my husband worked long hours on our kitchen. I was blessed by his dedication and hard work.

Today, I had to run to the hardware store and the market. I was blessed the bright smiles of every clerk I encountered.

Today, in lieu of our usual text conversation, I talked to my daughter on the phone. I was blessed to “hear” her smile.

Today, my younger daughter offered to make her dad dinner. I was blessed to witness the love between a girl and her dad.

Today, I read the comments left on my blog over the last several days. I was blessed to feel wrapped in love by your support.

Today, I listened to the one of my favorite songs which always reminds me to give thanks  and to pray for those I love and for the world around me. I am a blessed woman.

May this song be a blessing to you tonight.

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