Which way did you fall today?

Fall backYesterday, Lois over at the fabulous blog Midlife at the Oasis wrote about all the possible ways she might use the bonus hour that comes with Daylight Saving Time. Like me, Lois pondered productive ways to use her hour, including using it for sleep.

Last night, after spending the full afternoon clearing out my closet, purging clothing that should have been buried  released long ago, and installing a new organization system, I crawled into bed convinced I might use my extra hour for sleep, however, I struggled with the idea of wasting my freebie on sleep.

Here’s where I’m weird: Like Lois, I love the “fall back” hour that comes each fall. I love that my body will still awake at its usual time, but it’s an hour earlier. I love that I will hold onto that extra hour of quiet time for at least a month, maybe 6 weeks, giving me 60 minutes of solitude that is mine and mine alone. (My husband and daughter savor that extra hour for sleep; always have, always will.)

Some days, I will use my “extra hour” for exercise, some days for meditation and journaling or writing, and some days for getting household projects done. Despite the fatigue in my body last night, I split the difference today. I slept in for 30 minutes but was still up by 4:30 and went straight to work on another household project.

As a family of 4 passionate readers and homeschooling family, books fill the nooks and crannies of our home, so a few years ago I re-purposed our 4th bedroom into our family library. Shelves line the walls and books fill every inch of space. However, over the years, stacks became piles and what had once been an organized space became a dumping ground for every book and movie that needed a home. Earlier this week, I began the process of reorganizing, but the demands of homeschooling, teaching (at a private school once a week), and tutoring, not to mention the daily household chores got in the way of completion. Feeling empowered with my extra  hour 30 minutes, I went straight to work in the library this morning. 6 hours later, I emerged after having touched every single book and DVD in that library. My husband guesstimates there are about 1,000 books. I think that estimate is high, really high, because if it was accurate, I’d feel bad about adding another book, and I don’t ever feel bad about bringing another book into the house. Completely dusted and vacuumed, I have revisited our little library several times today. I’ve sat on the reading bench, tucking up my feet and sinking into the pillows while watching the weather move in, changing the colors of the farm behind us. Finally, our little library is a room I like to be in once again, and I’m feeling pretty darn good moving another project forward today.

Tomorrow will be a new day, and I’m looking forward to another bonus hour of productivity. I might even use it for writing, so I’m not trying to crank out my daily  NaBloPoMo post with half-closed eyes. (Please forgive any typos.) Or, I may just use it for sleep because there may, in fact, be 1000 books in that library.

How did you spend your bonus hour today?


5 thoughts on “Which way did you fall today?”

  1. I enjoyed an extra hour of sleep, being that I was still up “early” with plenty of time to have coffee and go to the market before heading off to the ranch to work on the horses’ stalls after the heavy (finally) rain we had! This morning I loved that the sun was out early, which helped me also wake up early, again being able to actually enjoy a cup of coffee without making it to go. I love DST, but I also appreciate it more when we fall back. Great write! (I’d love to see your library room! It sounds wonderful!) XOXO-Kasey


  2. It’s strange how the fall time change has affected me in the last couple of years (or maybe not so strange, considering my struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder). Just as last year, I was completely exhausted yesterday even with the “extra” hour of sleep. Took a two-hour afternoon nap and then slept for 8 1/2 hours straight last night. Weird.
    -Amy at http://www.momgoeson.wordpress.com


  3. Thank you so much for the shout-out here. I knew we were on the same wavelength! I want a library in my house so badly — that is totally my dream room. I bet you do have 1000 books in there. I know I have at least that many scattered in every cabinet, on every shelf, on every surface! I’m very impressed you touched every one of those books and am glad you gave yourself a half hour to sleep! You deserve it, my friend! xo


  4. I am the odd person who doesn’t like Daylight Savings Time. I like waking early and retiring early. Having my boys home safe. Preparing for another day. I was thrilled this evening to sit on the patio in the dark. I’ll enjoy my short days while they last!


  5. How wonderful to have a library. When I was a child a friend of my parents had a wonderful library in their house. Tall shelves went from floor to ceiling and there was a ladder that rolled so you could reach the books way above your reach. I remember dreaming that I would one day have a home with an identical library. So happy to read your posts again Mary.


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