A half-century plus one

Anticipate the day as if it was yourToday is day 14 of NaBloPoMo. It’s also my birthday, and today I turn a half-century plus one. That’s what I told one of the boys I tutor yesterday when he asked how old I was turning. I watched the thrill brighten his face when he arrived at the answer.

“You’re 51!,” he proclaimed before he was quickly hushed by his older brother for being “rude.”

“No, he’s not rude,” I corrected, “I told him my age as a riddle, and he solved it. Plus, I have no problem being 51 because 51 is a pretty darn good age to be.” A cloud of consideration softened the sharp focus of the older boy as he pondered my words and, simultaneously, a tickle of excitement built inside of me. I’ve come to realize that the older I get, the more child-like my enthusiasm for my birthday grows. One might say I’m becoming more immature as I mature, and I might agree.

It is a privilege to turn 51. Many never see this birthday. Even more don’t like what they see when they reach 51. Heck, many don’t like what they see at 27! I, however, am thrilled to be celebrating my birthday and I have a plethora of related thoughts bouncing around in my head, screaming to be shared here.

Those will have to wait, though, for today I am taking the day to play and celebrate and I invite you to celebrate with me. Find something fun to do today; have cake for breakfast (or dinner, if you are reading this later), blow some bubbles, watch a favorite movie, release a balloon, color a picture, soak in a tub filled with bubbles, or pop a bottle of bubbly. I may do all of those. Whatever you do, be creative and be playful, because that is what I want for my birthday–a wave of playfulness!

Now, go play, but before you go, share with me what fun you will get into today.

8 thoughts on “A half-century plus one”

  1. Happy Birthday Mary, I hope the day was as fun-filled as you imagined. As for me? Let’s just say my day involved medical procedures that come along with the gift of aging! And even still, like you, I celebrate every birthday I get. Love you my friend!


  2. I would like to take this opportunity to thank your parents for having you, and to you for having the wisdom to join our midlife group. I was blessed on both of those days. Happiest of birthdays, dear friend. Now onto eating a pound of chocolate. Is that clean eating? 🙂


  3. Happy birthday! I, too, intend to savor each of my birthdays, no matter how high the number. Being here to celebrate is preferable to the alternative, at least based on my current knowledge. 🙂

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