86,400 seconds

time 2

It’s been a good day, but busy. Unlike many who are prepping their dishes for tomorrow, my day wasn’t spent in the kitchen. The bulk of my day was spent cleaning and purging with A, a project we began over the weekend.

Fair warning for those considering taking a walk down the purge path, DON’T turn out the lights! Seriously, junk multiplies. But, I digress.

As my daughter and I sorted and purged, I mentally wrestled with the pressure of getting this post done and replying to a few emails. I checked my phone for the time and noticed a text from my older daughter, who is staying on campus for the holiday, asking if we could Skype. (Uh, of course!) Dogs needed feeding and I have no plans for dinner….blah, blah, blah. Then, as though sent from the heavens above, I glance briefly at a note my older daughter scribbled as a small girl. Her younger sister’s Brownie troop had been over and she expressed her frustration with the chaos. But, it was her conclusion that gave me pause. “That’s life,” she wrote, “and I am thankful.”  I smiled when I pictured my C at the age of 11 with the wisdom of one much older, and I let that wisdom settle into my heart.

It’s been a day of busyness, and I am thankful.

One thought on “86,400 seconds”

  1. Great message! Isn’t it funny how the little ones teach us, and to find their wise words at just the right moment, years after they penned them. Coincidence? I don’t think so!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mary!


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