Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving sunrise, 2014, from my front porch. So much to be thankful for....
Thanksgiving sunrise, 2014, from my front porch. So much to be thankful for….

My day started early and the sunrise that greeted me was spectacular! Just as it started, my day has been a day of total ease all day.

If you’ve followed my blog, you may already know that my family doesn’t travel on this holiday (or really any holiday, for that matter.) Our cars have stayed parked, and I have spent the day in yoga pants and a tank top with my hair pulled back in a hair band and without make-up. (Thank goodness the paparazzi have no interest in me.)

Total ease.

And, we don’t do big meals. We follow a tradition that started long before my girls were born; I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner one Christmas and he told me he didn’t want me in the kitchen. We (read: those that are not gluten-free) do cinnamon rolls mid-morning and easy appetizers ( read: veggie tray, cocktail wieners, cheese plate, and various frozen appetizers) get set out around 4.

Total ease.

As the appetizers made their way to the table tonight, I clicked on the video icon on Skype. My older daughter, C, answered at the distant end. She, in the living room of her dorm suite with 3 close friends that also stayed on campus, and my husband, her sister, A, and I all shared a lively and silly conversation about nothing serious. There was laughter and lots of “Oh, Mom’s” and even more “I miss you’s” followed by a quick, “Only 3 more weeks.”

Total ease. (Kind of…)

Boxes filled with Christmas decorations were pulled from the attic today, but there was no pressure to begin the decorating. I glanced at the boxes that sit in the garage and peeked into the past, but felt neither the need nor the inclination to begin today.

Total ease.

Our Thanksgiving day ends the same way each year. Together we settle into the living room and watch our first Christmas movie of the season. It changes every year. There is no pressure, no arguing over which movie, just ease as we each know that at some point each movie will be screened.

Total ease.

Today, I let the day unfold on its own. There were no obligations nor expectations placed upon me nor anyone else in the family. It has been the perfect launch to our holiday season. It was a day of total ease. And for that, I am thankful.

Wishing each of you a most wonderful Thanksgiving and a season of total ease.

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