Finally, Friday!

BreaktimeIt’s been a long week. I think that first week back after a shortened holiday week always feels a bit longer than the 5 work days the calendar says we are trudging through. But, we made it! It’s finally Friday, and tomorrow I will be leaving on a jet plane for a little break time by my beloved Pacific Ocean (even though it tried to kill me once, actually twice, but that’s for another time) and my even more beloved sisters and friends.

But, that’s tomorrow business because today is Friday, sweet, sweet Friday.

Today is about breathing in deep and breathing out slowly. It’s about feet in slippers resting on the coffee table, a glass of wine in hand, and snuggle time with my family. It’s Friday and every tired bone and achy muscle in my body is cheering (with joy, for my NaBloPoMo folks.)

Happy Friday, everyone! What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

15 thoughts on “Finally, Friday!”

  1. Have a wonderful time this weekend! My hubby and I are getting over the flu, so our weekend will be slower than yours I’m sure ; ). Happiness to you and yours this weekend and always.

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  2. Safe travels for a well deserved break, Mary! I hope you also get to see some friends that I know (hint, hint) – not me over here on the East Coast (although I could be persuaded to meet you on a beach by the Pacific Ocean), but with some NaBloPoMo buddies! Have fun, and kick up today, too. MWAH!

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