Following the Gratitude Bunny Trail

I’m notorious for following bunny trails. You know, following that tangent spurred by curiosity that leads one all the way down the rabbit hole. Somebody mentions Chihuly and suddenly I’m hours deep into glass blowing techniques. Mention organic gardening and I’ll lose half a day looking up best practices and resources. Ask me about chalk paint. I dare you. You’ll learn more than you’ve ever wanted to know. The researcher in me follows trails and, honestly, I love the journey of getting lost.

But, after reading the following Chinese proverb, I realized there is a whole maze of bunny trails I too rarely pursue. I don’t know why this maze escapes my conscious focus, but I do know that now, starting with this month-long journey down the gratitude trail, I will joyfully follow where it leads. I will think of the farmers that grow my food, the truckers that leave their families to haul it to my local market, and the clerks that stock the shelves. But I can and will even follow this trail back to the plants and soil that nourish my body. I will give thanks for the clean water that starts as rain, and I will give extra thanks to and for all parties involved in the gift of my morning coffee.

Yes, when I think about all the blessings in my every day, I will follow the bunny trail straight to rabbit hole of deeper gratitude.

Where will the bunny trail lead you today?

bamboo gratitude 2

10 thoughts on “Following the Gratitude Bunny Trail”

  1. What a charming post! It was very inspirational! I love researching too. I’d love to learn everything about chalk paints too! I use them all the time. They are wonderful. Really enjoyed this read!


  2. I am so with you. I, too, can find something interesting and get lost in it for hours. I love the idea of taking that detour all the way back, and am grateful to you for reminding me that.


  3. Sometimes I will go down that research rabbit hole for days…. I learn cool stuff and that is something to be grateful for :)! Love your gratitude trail and I will follow where ever it leads Mary!


  4. I get so caught up in research some days that I forget what I was looking for. This is a great reminder to slow down and keep it simple.


  5. I’m so happy you wrote this. Sometimes we need a reminder to slow down and reflect, and that’s a really important way to discover gratitude.


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