The Window I Look Through

Nope, I didn’t clean the window before I took this picture, but I don’t see the spots anymore either.

Yesterday morning, I stood at the kitchen window watching as the sun just started to touch the top of our neighbor’s barn. The pinks blazing across the sky were stunning, but I found myself distracted by the dirty spots on the glass. Water splashed from the kitchen sink dotted the interior of the window, and the last rain shower pocked the exterior. The beauty of the sunrise was suddenly obscured. I begrudgingly added “Clean the windows” to my mental to-do list as I furthered my investigation of the dirty window. “Add the tracks,” I thought. When I looked again at the farm behind my house, the scene had changed. I had missed the subtle and fast transformation from night into day; the time of day I love best.

Standing  at the window, watching the last touches of pink make way for the brilliant blue of the clear morning sky, I was caught by a voice in my soul. Be grateful, it reminded, that you have a window to look out. My thoughts shifted to those without a window to look out; those who wish for a chance to be on the other side of a window–the safe side where there is a warm bed and abundant food.  I thought about those just doing the best they can to get by, and my heart sank.

Then, I thought about the number of times I have told my girls to “be grateful for what you have” and the times I’ve failed to do just that. Needless to say I no longer saw the spots on my window as I stood there, humbled. Isn’t is funny how gratitude can change our perspective?

Are there spots obscuring your vision today?

13 thoughts on “The Window I Look Through”

  1. Well, I just paid someone to clean my windows, inside and out, though they didn’t remove all of the old “spots on the window over the kitchen sink.” This is my way of telling you that the attitude of gratitude is one that I easily adopted when I started my (second) retirement, and one which I now employ every day. I hope your retirement will be as good as mine has been so far.🌈

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  2. Gratitude is best on my list these days. How we see it, process it, hang on to it. I’m learning that the more we practice it, the more we get. Nice outcome, isn’t it?
    Kimberly XO

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    1. That is so true, Kimberly! I was just sharing with my daughter and a friend this morning that, although I consider myself a grateful being, I can forget to PRACTICE gratitude daily. In the last 5 days of this “gratitude journey”, I have felt better and more energized than I have in a while.


  3. Yes. There are. A few days ago someone I considered a friend told me that my recent posts had disturbed her so much she wasn’t sure she wanted me in her life. Say what??? And then, in the “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” way things happen, I saw on facebook a quote that basically said “not everyone’s gonna like you so don’t waste your time on them. Focus on the many who love you.” And poof! My focus shifted to gratitude for my loved ones. This is long, but you hit a chord today, Mary! xoo

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