Rapid recharge

Photo from MorgueFile free photos: http://mrg.bz/Qk0nbD
Photo from MorgueFile free photos: http://mrg.bz/Qk0nbD

Friday is usually my longest day of the week. I teach from 8:30 in the morning until 5:30. Though this is shorter than the number of “work  hours” I put in on any other day of the week, the busyness of the day and the number of social interactions take their toll on me.  Even with a couple of breaks during the day,  I’m drained both mentally and physically by the time I pull into the driveway.

When I am that  “peopled-out”, I want nothing more than to withdraw to my room, crawling into my bed with a book or mindless TV.  Thankfully, after his long week at work, my husband is willing to wind down and spend some quality bad-movie time with our 18 year-old daughter. While my husband or I pull leftovers out for dinner, “A” cruises the Netflix listings with a gleam in her eye, searching for 2 or 3 options to present.  As much as Friday nights have become my night to cocoon, they have become their time to  share low quality spoof movies, each movie seemingly worse than the one before; each one bonding the two of them with laughter and writing memories into their hearts. Sometimes, I’ll stay and watch with them, but more often I listen to their voices mixed with laughter and the noise of the movie slip under my door, and I smile as I sink deeper into the covers and my let my heart fill with gratitude.

Today, I am grateful for my husband and daughter and their understanding when I cocoon myself away to mentally purge the chaos of the day. But, even more so, I am grateful for their laughter that drifts up the stairs, reminding me of their special bond and rapidly recharging my weary spirit.


10 thoughts on “Rapid recharge”

  1. I do the exact same thing. I listen to my husband and son watch “Law and Order” as I retreat under the covers with a book. How blessed we are to be able to do that, and also be able to listen to the lovely sounds of our loved ones. Mindful of our blessings, girlfriend.

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  2. Truly, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

    It’s fascinating to me to note the differences between the way men and women, in general, interact differently with their children. The same can be said of our generally different ways of unwinding. Now that we are both retired, I do the same things you do, while my husband does projects. He understands and accepts that part about me, as I do about him. Ain’t it grand?

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    1. So grand! It took me years to be able to say what I really wanted/needed and, since my brain injury, I have found the busy days wear me out faster than in the past but rest helps me recover from overload faster than “trudging through.”

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      1. Thank God He gave us feeble humans the capacity to keep on living and learning. So glad you maintained that ability even after a brain injury. Sometimes He has ways of telling us, who were created in His image, to slow down and enjoy His creations. Sorry to be so preachy but comments here and elsewhere have made me feel especially appreciative and spiritual this morning.

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  3. As a confirmed introvert I totally understand, and your Friday evenings sound heavenly. I’ve always loved listening to or watching my very best favorite people (husband and three kids) from a slight distance. It’s like storing up a movie of beautiful memories to replay on a rainy day.

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