About the Mom

The separation has got to start someplace….

Hi! I’m Mary Lanzavecchia, wife, home school teacher, business owner, 4-H volunteer, gardener, reader, writer, and Transitioning Mom building the stage for the next chapter in life. Anyone who has known me for any length of time will tell you I live by three axioms: my day planner, that there are no mistakes in this world,  and that, in every situation, exists a silver lining (even if tarnished.) I have two daughters, one 17 and one 14, who have been homeschooled since pre-school. They might tell you I have control issues, and I might just agree. That is why the optimistic planner in me plans to take control of my countdown journey to the days of tear-stained freedom known as “the empty nest years.” I love my children and all the gifts that have come from being a parent. And, I figure if my husband and I handle this last off ramp well, we can all move from the parent/child relationship to one of friendship with minimal tears and maximum joy.

Jump in, buckle up, and let’s enjoy this transitioning ride together!

Photo credit: Maren Miller  http://www.marenmillerphotography.com/

15 thoughts on “About the Mom”

  1. Your post “Blink” touched me deeply. You put into words what many mothers feel. I went through this transition with my daughter last year. It was a little late in coming, but she is now out of the nest and I am so very proud of her.



  2. Nice to meet you! Another SAHM counting blessings, here. Your “about” page is inspiring and I ADORE your latest “blink” post. You had me crying like a baby…it was refreshing and cleansing. Thank you! 🙂


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