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5 Truths and 1 Lie: The Big Reveal

You all played a great game, and now it’s time to put my cards on the table.

I apologize for the sleepless nights I’m sure you struggled with awaiting this big reveal. I guess it’s the years I spent doing corporate competitive research that made me such a good liar. Maybe it’s because under every lie, there is a thread of truth or hoped for truth.

As promised yesterday, I wasn’t lying when I said I would post the links to the blogs of some other fabulous liars bloggers. If you didn’t visit the links I posted yesterday, well, I’m going to assume it’s because you were stranded on an island without internet access busy. I’ll give you through today to visit those and these (listed below) before I come knocking  on your door. OK, that’s another lie but, really, these posts are some of the most fun I’ve had on the internet in a long time!

For example, did you know that poor Angela may or may not have fallen into a septic system and had a bizarre craving for blood? (UM, ewwwww!)

I’ll bet you never would have guessed Jacqueline, over at Ambling & Rambling sports a tattoo and buys her underwear and socks with her milk and eggs. Or does she?

Who knew the always eloquent Elaine Ambrose was a barrel racing world traveler? I did, because I wasn’t falling for the debutante story she wasn’t selling, except I did. Maybe.

Did Linda rebel by changing the spelling of her name? Find out how the woman became the Carpool Goddess spent her 16th birthday here.

Jamie insists that her post would be more interesting if she had come up with 5 lies and 1 truth, but that’s a lie.

Now, seriously, before you go forward and find out my big reveal, CLICK ON THE LINKS! I’ll wait here…


OK, so I’m trusting you clicked on them and now I will expose myself  my lie:

#4. I haven’t been to Costa Rica, yet. It’s on my list and so is zip lining. Truth be told, though, a mosquito did land on my sister’s arm in Costa Rica and I assume she was sweaty, though I don’t think she went zip lining, and there may or may not have been (you know there was!) drinking involved. And, that mosquito did, in fact, drop dead after dining. Fell right off her arm, it did. I call it poetic justice.

As of this writing, there was only 1 who guessed correctly, the fabulous Lisha of LishaWrites.com. Lisha has spent her November working on her novel (as part of NaNoWriMo), otherwise I’m sure she would have stumped me with her lie. Nonetheless, be sure to stop by her blog to congratulate her. Lisha, sadly, you needed to be here in person to claim your prize, but I will keep it safe until the day your smile appears on my doorstep. Until then, you have my hearty congratulations and renewed validation we are sisters from another mother.

Oh, because so many doubted my survival skills atop Mt. Roberts, I offer this into evidence:

Almost as handy as a Swiss Army knife, that hat has traveled the world with me.
Almost as handy as a Swiss Army knife, that hat has traveled the world with me.

Thanks, to everyone, for playing along and sticking with me as I continue my march to the end of NaBloPoMo  November. Happy Friday, everyone!


5 Truths and 1 Lie: TheTravel Edition

truth or lieOne of the fun things about NaBloPoMo is the camaraderie that builds as the month progresses. Last year, I was (gratefully) welcomed into the fold of some amazing bloggers who had stepped up to the NaBloPoMo challenge. Together, we created our own cheer squad, celebrating our victories (like the post that went up at 11:59 PM) and commiserating over the 17, 15, 10 days that remain stretched before us. (Y’all are with me on that, right?)

This year, Elin, of one of my favorite blogs, Beyond the Backyard Blues, suggested a repeat of a blog-hop she and Lois, over at Midlife at the Oasis (if you don’t know Lois yet, you should!) and others participated in last year. Today, I’m joining in and playing the 5 Truths and 1 Lie Game. Since I feel like I’m already an open book, I’m narrowing the lens of my game and subtitling it, “The Travel Edition.”

But before I open my book further, I want to share the links of some others that are playing along today. Seriously, you’ll want to visit these links. These bloggers are adventurous and colorful, and you’ll be amazed by their abilities to  lie  live out loud.

1. Doreen McGettigan looks demure, but don’t let that sweet smile and soft red hair fool you, she’s hiding something.

2. Cathy Chester, a truly Empowered Spirit, shines her light far and wide, casting rays of hope and love across friends and strangers alike. Who knew she could be so clandestine?

3. Lois…Ah, my dear Lois, who has lived a life more colorful than most, any and all of these could be true, yet one is a lie. Hmmmm….

4. Ruth, who always challenges my brain with her terrific Cranium Crunches mind-benders and jumped into my heart with her fabulous big smile, yet somehow I believe every word she wrote in this post, but one is a lie?

5. Elin, lovable Elin, with the strong and playful spirit…if it involves anything other than sugar and spice and everything nice, it must be a lie, right?

6. There are others that will be posting and I will link to them tomorrow, (I’m not lying) because it really is fun to peek in the window of others and discover everyone has lived a life with color. 🙂

Now, on to my lies 5 Truths and 1 Lie, The Travel Edition:

1. I have a scar on my knee from a cut I got while getting off a bus in Haiti. I looked at the driver, and he looked back at me. We both saw the damage as he shooed me off the step. The metal was rusty, but I was deathly afraid of a tetanus shot. I said nothing to my parents. I prayed for a week I wouldn’t die, and then I got over it and figured the scar would tell a good tale some day.

2. I savored the calamari an old weathered fisherman shared with me. We sat at a small café directly on the beach in Greece. He woke the owner (perhaps his wife or a cousin), who slept on the bench of the small booth when he brought in his catch. Since neither spoke English, I pointed to what I wanted in the kitchen. Best beer, calamari, cheese, and olives of my life!

3. My husband and I sat across from a man on the train to Florence who told me all about his son he was travelling to visit. His son was in the service and the man had always wanted to visit the States. He arranged for a cab when we got to Florence, to ensure the cabbie didn’t cheat. He told me he hoped his son would find a daughter like me someday. Most of our dialog was in French as he spoke no English and I no Italian. His kissed me on the cheek before he shut the door to the cab.

4. The weather was warm, the night clear, and the drinks strong. My skin was sticky. I hadn’t changed after zip lining across the jungle that day. We went straight to dinner, and the balmy night sky had the mosquitos out in force, as they always are in Costa Rica. As I lifted my drink to my lips, I watched a mosquito land on my arm. It was the size of a 747 and before I could swat it, it dropped dead, right off my arm, a drop of my blood still on its needle-like proboscis. I joke that he dined on bad blood that last meal.

5. Before ascending to the top of Mt. Roberts in Alaska, I forgot to pack any water. The day was misty. Wrapped up in cold weather wear and wearing my Tilley hat, I hiked the mountain with my daughters and husband. I collected the drops of moisture on the rim of my hat to offer sips of water to my girls, still young at the time. Undaunted by the lack of water, we discovered a new survival skill.

6. While swimming off the coast of the Bahamas (or was it Jamaica?) with my younger sister, she brushed her hand across a sea urchin. The sting was excruciating, but we had no meat tenderizer (a known treatment) to help alleviate the pain. Being resourceful (see # 5)I peed in a glass and dunked her fingers straight in. She was horrified, but the pain was relieved. To this day, she hasn’t thanked my for my selflessness.

Let the guessing begin.