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Prepare to be bombed.

IMG_20131005_152730_674We’ve all heard of “photobombing”; you set up the perfect shot and someone unexpectedly appears in the picture, seemingly out of nowhere, like a bomb. When stars or squirrels are involved, the photos often go viral. Or when it’s my husband “photobombing” our daughter and her friends during Parents’ Weekend, it merely provides laughter within the walls of a home. (He’s the bunny with the beard.)

Today marks the launch of the well-known (among writers) challenge, NaNoWriMo. It also marks the launch of the lesser-but- still-well-known (among bloggers and writers) challenge, NaBloPoMo. In both challenges, writers are brought to the mat to ferret out their perseverance by writing a novel in a month or, as a blogger, a post everyday during the month of November.

It is not for the faint of heart.  I know. I took the bait, I mean challenge, two years ago. There may be tears involved. There will be sweat. Some days, there will be regret. And, there may even be some cursing directed at the blogger that threw the gauntlet down in your path. (You know who you are, Lois at Midlife at the Oasis. Seriously, you’ll want to know who she is, too. Follow the link; she’s fabulous and be sure to check out her about me page!) Above all though, there will be a sense of accomplishment, perhaps a nice glass of red, and a friend or two to toast with at the finish line.

Count me in again this year. Why not? It gives me a reason to push myself once again. Not every day will be a long narrative. There will be days I post only a picture, with or without a quote. Or a quote, with or without a picture. Some days, I may simply post a list about __________(something). There will likely be posts related to the milestone birthday I’ll celebrate this month and my admission into the 5-0 club.  The only thing I am sure of is this: there will be 30 of them. 30 days. 30 posts. (Gulp.)

So, if you are a subscriber/follower, you’ve been warned; “blog-bombing” begins today. I will be showing up in your inbox every day for the next 30 days.  And, if you’re not yet a subscriber, please join me in the journey. (See the easy “Follow” button on the right?) Don’t you want to find out if I make it to the finish line?

Cheers to new months, new challenges, and new beginnings! What are you celebrating today, this week, or this month?