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A little reminder from the doctor. (Wednesday’s Wisdom)

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I’m continuing to faithfully (most days) work through my “grains of sand.”  There is light at the end of the tunnel and I can see the umbrella drink waiting for me. In the last week I’ve:

1) narrowed C’s 18 years of life into 10 pictures for the graduation ceremony next month. Scrapbookers, are you feeling my pain? Though I’ve said for years I want to scrapbook, and I’ve bought enough supplies to open a store, I’ve yet to glue down a single picture. This exercise has helped me appreciate my true resistance; it’s freakin’ hard work picking the “perfect photo”!

2)  recorded her dad’s video message to be played at graduation. Ssshhhh–that’s a surprise. (Good thing she doesn’t read this blog!) He’s super shy and I know she’s thinking it’ll be my voice “talking at her ” once again. Tee-hee! Tissue anyone?

3)  gathered all the additional information my tax guy needed. Every year, I miss something, or several somethings. One of these years, he won’t ask me for anything extra and I’ll fear the world is coming to an end.

And now,

4) I’m on my last big grain for the week…scripting the final draft for the talk I’m giving Monday night at our local library about preparing for the empty nest. This is a first step at something I’ve wanted to do and planned to do with this blog since the beginning. It’s the “logical next step” because I really want to inspire parents (myself included) to prepare for and embrace the next chapter in life, not resist it. And though I feel good about the outline I have, the voices of “self-doubt” have reared their ugly heads in the last couple of days. Have any of you battled those voices? Persistent, aren’t they?

Well, in response to those voices, I did what I’ve always done to quiet the storm within; I sought out some inspirational quotes and stumbled upon the wisdom of the good doctor I’ve visited many times over the years. Perhaps you know him too?  He is a well-known, prolific writer, often quoted, and one of my favorite sources of inspiration. This one comes from one of my all time favorites books and was the exact reminder I needed to quiet the voices:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” 
― Dr. SeussOh, the Places You’ll Go!

Dr. Seuss is perhaps the only doctor that has infallibly prescribed the right “medicine” each and every time I’ve sought his help.  If only insurance covered the cost of his books…

Where do you go to quiet the storm within?