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So, tell me a little about yourself


Puppy spam! This #LilBit has been with us a whole week now. So, I suppose he is past due for a formal introduction and some fun facts.
1. #Alfredo was born at the #GuideDogsfortheBlind San Rafael campus on 9/4. We were told the designated GDB puppy namer did not want his placement assignment reassigned once he heard our solid Italian last name.
2. His mom is named Jordan and his dad is named Urvek. (Some of you may know, the 2nd #GDB pup we raised was named Urvek. He really, really didn’t want to be a guide dog and was renamed. He is now living a wonderful life in California with a fabulous mom & dad that love him dearly. We call Alfredo’s dad Urvek 2.0 around here.)
2. We think of him as a 4C diamond: confident, curious, cute, & cuddly.
3. In terms of personality, he reminds me very much of the first pup we raised named Keebler, who is now a working guide.
4. Alfredo made the ride out to Colorado with one of his siblings, his sister, Aisha, a black Lab.
5. He is an absolute spitfire who seems to know just how cute he is. (Did I already mention how much he is like Keebs?)

NaBloPoMo 2017

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A New Baby to Love

20171102_115956Yep, we are going to welcome another baby.

We must be crazy, jumping in again to potty training and middle-of-the-night crying. The physical demands of baby proofing and side-stepping the toys scattered about the floor… What were we thinking when we said yes to this idea?

But those tender baby eyes, when they meet yours, and that sweet smell just above their nose so captivating… And, that chance to help a little being grow into their best self and, hopefully, change the world for the better… How could we not?

I guess you could call it ego or foolishness, but it’s rooted in a simple dedication to do our small part to make the world a better place.

Arriving at 4 PM today, we will welcome a new baby to love and to coach and to train with the hopes of changing a life in all the wonderful ways this little boy will change ours for the next 13-15 months.

More details tomorrow.