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There are consequences for pushing.

Perhaps, it’s just me, but I hate the way Thanksgiving has lost it’s significance. I have much to say about this, but that will have to wait until Monday’s post. Today, I’m doing a “Throwback Thursday” by sharing a post that originally appeared two years ago in advance of Thanksgiving.

Be sure to stop by on Monday to find out how I really feel about the loss of Thanksgiving Thursday.

Front porch lessons. (Wednesday’s Wisdom)

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From the front porch, my mama taught me:

  • To wait my turn.
  • That it’s rude to push or shove.
  • Name calling is unacceptable.
  • And, patience is a virtue.

Now, I’m not pointing fingers, but isn’t it funny how some forget that at this most wonderful time of year.

I share the lessons from my front porch yesterday:

Hey, wait your turn fat boy! No pushing. My holiday comes first!
Hey, wait your turn FAT BOY! No pushing. My holiday comes first!

Sad. Et tu, Turkey?

But, just when I thought all hope was lost for a gracious holiday season, I was surprised by this random act of kindness moments later.

On second thought, after you. I insist!
On second thought, after you. I insist!

Only to realize, things aren’t always as they seem…

There are consequences for pushing.
There are consequences for pushing.

How will you keep from pushing too hard this holiday season?

Wishing everyone a very happy and “push-free” day before Thanksgiving!

(With gratitude to my archer and her little sister for the re-enactment and documentation of yesterday’s events. :) )

A public service announcement

As a public service, I’m here to warn you about something I did so you can all avoid making the same mistake.

DON’T EVER BUY THESE CHIPS. Just don’t, unless…..

Warning: danger lies within this sealed bag.
Warning: danger lies within this sealed bag.

you are willing to confess to this…and reading blogs all day.

Not my fault. No siree, Bob!

The bag looks innocent enough, but I caution you, it’s a black hole, a vortex, with yummy in-flight snacks.

No, I wasn’t compensated for this post in any way (though I’d be happy to work for another trip into this vortex bag.) I just figured confession is good for the soul, so here I am.  And, as long as I’m confessing my transgressions, I didn’t share. (That’s a perk that comes with having older children; my food is my own once again.) Now, with the absence of a mirror in front of me , I blame the Food Should Taste Good company and NaBloPoMo for my gluttony. Great (not just good) chips and great reading make for a sinful combination. Ya, it was their fault.

The confessional is now open. Feel free to use the comment section to unburden your souls.