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Weary but not done.


I’m weary, but I’m not done.

I’ve cleaned all day. Literally. Well, I did take an hour Starbucks break this afternoon but other than that, I have been cleaning since 6:30 this morning. It is now past 11:00 at night. My feet and back hurt, and there is still more to go but not tonight. Tonight, I am letting the rest of the work go.

I almost let this blog go, too, but I missed yesterday.  In the big scheme of the blogging world, one day really is nothing, especially when I’ve let this blog stall for months on end. But, there is something far too easy about letting one day slip into two, and two days to role into three, and so on. And, before you know it, NaBloPoMo 2017 is over.

So, I was determined to get a post up tonight regardless of my fatigue. Well, determined until I sat down, at which point I started to mentally justify skipping tonight’s post. It would have been easy to do. Then, I read this post by my friend, Niki, and I shook off the excuses and wrote.

I am weary, but I’m not done. I missed yesterday, but I didn’t miss today because I began again.

Thanks, Niki!

NaBloPoMo 2017



Sassy Chicks


This post is late tonight. I’ve spent two nights with a new puppy, which means sleep has been limited and fitful. It also means I’ve spent two days filled with puppy breath and potty training and puppy romps around the house.

But today, I had some me time. I spent the late afternoon and evening hanging with my girlfriends, my sassy chicks.  They get me. I can let my hair down and let the wine and sarcasm flow.

We all need those friends; the ones that allow us to try on every stitch of authenticity in our mental closet. They are the friends that help us discover who we really are when we strip away the masks. They cheer us on when our doubts get too big. They guard our secrets and talk sense when we need it. They listen, they share, they mourn and celebrate with us. They are the friends that live life up close with us and become our tribe.

They are the friends that fill our buckets and tonight, my bucket was filled with love and laughter.