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Some days…

Sick day

My body has been demanding my attention since Friday night through a persistent stomach bug. Two and a half days later and this bug is unmoved by the fact that I’m in the middle of NaBloPoMo. I was buckled under again today. Therefore, I yielded and took a sick day today. Honestly, I took a sick weekend since I didn’t do much but lounge on the couch yesterday, gratefully so.

My sincere thanks to all that have read my posts and my apologies to those that have commented. I promise to catch up on my  replies. And, for those of you that are riding the NaBloPoMo ride with me and writing fabulous blogs, please know I will be back on track reading your wonderful words in the next day or so, because I’ve missed you!

A promise

As each day comes to us refreshed andAs the old saying goes, “What a difference a day makes.”  In addition to being day 6 of NaBloPoMo, today is a blank canvas.

Yesterday was a long and stressful day around here. I never feel so powerless as when one of my children, my husband, a dear friend, or even one of our pets is ill. I am a fixer; when people hurt or need help, I want to fix. Though not always the best choice, my intentions spring for the best place, my heart, and even when I can’t (or shouldn’t) help with a problem, my heart carries it with the hope sharing the burden is enough.

I’m also an optimist, so rarely do I stay in the dark places of stress for long. Regardless of the situation, I will find a silver lining in the blackest of storm clouds and I will make a promise. The early morning hours are the canvas upon which I write my promise; the promise I make to myself and the people I love, the promise to welcome the new day with renewed faith and optimism, to start anew and do my best.

That’s really all any of us can do, isn’t it? Dust ourselves off from the tough days. Try to recapture some sparkle within so that we may share it with someone. Let the past be in the past and move forward with the knowledge but not the baggage. Make a promise to see the day through the eyes of an untarnished spirit. That’s really all any of us can do.

So, today I choose to move forward, paint the new day with the brush of gratitude, and recapture some of my sparkle.

P.S. Thank you to all who said a prayer and/or sent some positive energy to our Sammy Beagle yesterday. He is home, and though sore, resting comfortably. The tumor had grown quickly and they took wide margins, so now we await the results from the biopsy. For today, though, I will focus on my gratitude for I am thankful to our wonderful vet, to our brave Sammy, and for all of those that rallied around him and me and filled our hearts.