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Keep going.

Don't watch the clock do what it does. Keep going..png

It’s been a long day. You will probably hear me say that a lot over the next few of months. The first few months with a new puppy are often exhausting, in the same way, the first 20 years raising children is exhausting.

A few weeks back, we had a heavy wet snow that pulled one of our neighbor’s branches down and sent is spearing through my roof and ceiling. Today, I had my roof replaced, which meant that every time I took the puppy out to relieve, there were grand distractions all around. Now, if you’ve ever potty trained a child or a pup, you know that, on a good day,  50 percent of the work is in catching them at the right time and the other 50 percent is spent cleaning up accidents. So, there is a lot of clock-watching, and predicting and, well, exhaustion because you really can’t let your guard down when you are trying potty train a little one. Timing, as they say, is everything.

I tried to sit down and write a few times today, in between potty trips and playtime and feedings. I waited for naptime to really crack down and knock something out. My attempts proved futile each time. I found myself stressing, watching the clock, and worrying about whether or not this would be the day that broke my writing streak. My 5 day, NaBloPoMo 2017 streak.

The clock is a fickle mistress. We all live by her in one way or another, watching the minutes tick away, wishing for more time to use for _____________ (fill in the blank.) Many of us were given an “extra hour” over the weekend. I’d guess the vast majority used it for sleep unless, of course, you have a small child or a pet. Neither can read time and neither cares about time. They just keep going.

Today, despite my fatigue, I told myself, one way or another, I would get a post up. I told myself to stop watching the clock and to just keep going. And, so I did.

NaBloPoMo 2017

What to do? What to do?

Moment at the confessional: I am one of those people that likes daylight savings. Well, I like the “fall back” part–not so much the “spring forward.” There are 25 hours in this day! To me, that is like Christmas come early because I am also one of those people that regularly feels there aren’t enough hours in a day. Fall-time daylight savings gives me just one more reason to love this time of year!

Last night, my husband and I talked about what we would/could/should do with our “bonus hour.” He chose sleep. Not surprising, especially given that Sunday’s are his Monday’s and in a few short hours he’ll be making his way to work. I chose to write, and read, and grade papers, and… Well, I won’t actually get all of that done in an hour, but I did choose to get up when my body told me to. My body thinks it’s 5, but the clock says 4. Bonus hour!

I might be twisted, but I stretch this “bonus hour” out as long as I can. I change my alarm to 4, since my body already thinks it’s time to get up. I can usually make it into December before the number of times I hit the “snooze button” equals an hour of sleep and I am rising at 5 again. This morning, I was awake several times before 4. It felt a bit like Christmas Eve and I was excited to “open” my extra hour–an hour of solitude and quiet. Not even the beagle is up begging for food, only 3 cats wandering around–wondering what the dickens I am doing disturbing their quiet time. 🙂

This morning, I write. Tomorrow, I may open up the dusty treadmill. The day after that, it may be meditation. Whatever I choose, it will be an hour I dedicate to me. With my children in their teen years, there are no wee-hour feedings, or little feet scampering down the stairs to play, vying for attention. They will spend their extra hour sleeping as well, I am sure. So, there will be no paper grading during this hour, either. That can wait until 5. It’s the 25th hour in my day, and it’s all mine, to capture me, before the day begins.

What would you do with an extra hour in your day?