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And on the 3rd day…

"The third day comes a frost, a killing frost." -   William Shakespeare
“The third day comes a frost, a killing frost.”
– William Shakespeare

On this 3rd day of NaBloPoMo, I’ve been waiting for it all day. The sky tells me it’s coming. When I step out on to the patio, I feel the bite through my clothes and the crisp air fills my lungs. The birds are quiet today, as are the rabbits and squirrels. They feel the change in the air. Over the past few days, the last of the leaves fell from the ash trees out back and the honey locust tree in the front. The tomato plants, though still full with unripe fruit from our late summer, rest their tired, brown limbs against the cages still staked in the ground. Most of the garden was cleared weeks ago, the last of the winter squash harvested along with the pumpkins, grapes, and peppers. And, today I am ready; ready to say goodbye to the garden until the spring, ready for sweaters and scarves, ready for down quilts, good books, and long evenings. Today, I am ready for the snow and the killing frost that places the rest of the yard into its long slumber, for when the yard slumbers my season of internal excavation begins.

Let’s do this!

Revised NaBloPoMo 2014

It’s that time of year again. For the next 30 days, my existence will be based on survival. Pizza will fill my family’s bellies and the boxes will fill my garbage can. Dark circles will take up residence under my eyes. Paper plates will appear in the dish cupboard. Coffee will be consumed (hot or cold) in copious amounts. Grunts, moans, laughter, and bizarre mumblings will float up from behind my laptop. I could go on but, most importantly, my family knows the drill; since it’s not my first rodeo, it’s not their first rodeo.

For the next 30 days, I have committed to blogging daily. It’s a challenge. A tough one. I don’t have a vast backlog of completed, unpublished posts. I have (again) stalled in my writing and will need to find my groove once again. This will push me, and I need this push. I welcome the push. I signed up for the push, because I’m ready to do this.

So, welcome to November or, as I like to call it,  NaBloPoMo-2014! Let’s do this!